Hội Y khoa lâm sàng HIV/AIDS Việt Nam
The 1st Asia Pacific AIDS & Co-infections Conference


You will find the conference logo, and the flyer special registration discount code to your members.

Kindly add the logo to the VCHAS’s website and share the flyer within the society’s network.

The flyer is provided in two formats, one in pdf and one in outlook email template. You may choose the most convenient format to circulate the information.

Please note that the indicated registration discount code “SLADNE37” allows your members to enjoy 25% discount on the early registration rate for academia and it is only valid till 20 November, 2015.

After the deadline, we will send you another code for 25% discount on the regular rate.

Two reminders:

·         Kindly inform us the date of VCHAS’s major meetings scheduled in the 2nd half of 2015 and the number of expected participants? Maybe we can post some flyers to VCHAS and have them distributed in the meetings.

·         Please  advise whether it is also possible to obtain similar support from VAID.

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